Super User Team

Rekan – rekan eks super user team maupun yang masih eksis ada tanggapan gak dengan usulan Debby ? (* nehhh email doi gw post sekalian *)…

Debbie wrote :

Dear friends,

Greetings from Ms. Tomato Raikkonen!!

How are you doing, guys? Long time see.. I’m kinda miss you here..

I’m proudly inform that.. I lost some kgs and got my normal weight back: 45kg with BMI (body mass index) is 18.73% (according to the BMI scale, my BMI is normal..) with this slim, sexy and fat free body.. I decided to continue my career as a model… hehehe… what a good laugh..

Hey.. did you guys notice that on 2nd Oct’07 was our friendship 5th anniversary? I bet all of you didn’t remember it, but it’s ok.. I’ll give you a little flash back..           

On 2nd Oct’02 was the 1st time we met at Menara DEA. We came from various departments from 3 different hospitals. I remember that time.. RSMI team was sit on the left side of the room, RSIB team sit across RSMI team and RSSI team sit in the middle face to the white board. Our trainer name is Neil…….. (I forgot..) who has a very sexy and eye catching butt.. (sluuuuurpp… yummy…) while Supachai was sitting in the corner of the room but I forgot whether he wore his white or blue shirt? (he look likes a nerd librarian… oops… sorry, but trust me.. you’re a sexy nerd librarian.. hehehe…)  We haven’t met China yet, she worked on Labtrak at RSMI or RSIB with Adies that time. Didi joined the team a week later. Both Anton and Bagus haven’t join the team yet. Rudy was (and still) the smartest one in the class.

Then… blablabla… after that… blablabla… Many things happened and there were a lot of funny stories, conflicts, scandals, etc. Can’t count the time, tears and laugh that we shared together. Implementation at RSIB, then implementation at RSSI and finally implementation at RSMI. Ferry was missing in action, then we lost Adies followed by Oyon (mayday.. mayday.. men down.. I repeat.. men down.. hehehe..). Bagus and Anton join with team to substitute them. Days, weeks, years passed by… blablabla… and blablabla… Finally, the Medtrak Implementation project was totally done and end up on 2nd Jul’04, the team was dismissed and we continue doing our routine in the office.
So, here we are at last.. 5 years after the 1st time we met.
To celebrate our 5th friendship anniversary, I’d like to give you my 1st short story. 
Lately I love to write and still learning how to write a good short story, the idea of those stories came from things that I’ve heard, seen, listened, read and mixed with what I’ve been through. I’ve met these 2 cyber-mates who encouraged and asked me to start to write. Unfortunately, they don’t understand Indonesian, so I’ve to write in English. They become my editor and English teacher since then and I hope you guys don’t mind, I BCC this mail to them.
I wrote quite a lot of stories: Irreplaceable Love, 3 weeks Before the Wedding, 2007:2007:2007, One Life..Live it!, Oh.. Bugger!, Our Favorite Bags, Kissing a Fool, Busy.. Buzz Off!, etc.
By the way, have you guys read Ferry’s blog? Hmmm.. surprisingly, he can write poems! I can’t believe it.. (Are you sure that you’re the same Ferry? What have you done to Ferry that we used to know? hehehe..) Please check his blog to see another side of Ferry. (Guess I should get commission for promoting Ferry’s blog.. hehehe..)

I really wish that someday we can hang out together, held reunion or gathering. It’s been ages.. Just in case we don’t see each other again (sounds like farewell letter), I’d like to say thank you for dropping by and color up my life, it’s been a pleasure to have friends like you.
I got to go now.. I have a lot of things to do : manage 1 paediatric clinic, prepare all documents needed for 2 new opening clinics, dealing with vendors, type all minutes meetings, prepare finance report, staff recruitment, find an investor for collapse hospital and prepare the assessment report to be reviewed by investor, prepare monthly progress report, assist and accompany my boss to attend a marathon meetings…
Hmm… What a life, wanna trade your life with mine? hehehe…
Take care and have a nice life, guys.. 


12 Responses to Super User Team

  1. Ferry ZK says:

    pren ga ada yang nanggepin usulan debby neh ???

  2. emir says:

    emang betul adanya…
    aku sendiri sih masih ingat.. tapi tanggal tepatnya yg lupa…
    september ato oktober…

    jadi pingin pul-kumpul alias reuni nich…

  3. Ferry ZK says:

    weks… ini dia emir kita…

    gimana khabar disana ? dah punya onta belon 😛

    iya katanya Debby ngajakin reunian tp lom ada tanggapan daru eks SU yang lain neh…

  4. BSO says:

    Wah, itu baru cewe, lha kita orang laki, sudah lupa tuh semua kisah itu, that;s part of the past, let it left behind, face the future with reality.
    Hari gini? reunion? asal lokasinya di tengah akan dipertimbangkan. heheheheh
    Maklum sudah tua.

  5. Ferry ZK says:

    weks om BSO, ditengah maksute piye ??? tapi emang sing tengah – tengah sing paling uenak kekekeke….

  6. ds says:

    ya boleh… usul pul kumpul boleh juga..
    d jkt boleh juga.. d sby boleh juga… di jawa tengah boleh juga…

  7. BRAM says:

    Wah boleh juga nih cerita Debbie, sekarang dia semakin sukses, jadi esmud. Begitulah seharusnya dan yang diharapkan, agar semua dapat kehidupan dan karir semakin baik. Tiga orang superuser jadi emir penghasilannya petrodollar. Reuni boleh juga tuh, tentukan aja tempat mayoritas, yang berada di luar kota, diuruni tiket transport supaya adil. Yang sudah kaya boleh juga kasih sumbangan. Setuju kan?

  8. Ferry ZK says:

    @ ds,

    Alooo DS pha khabar nehhh, rambut skrg ganti warna apa ? 😀

    @ Bram,

    Ho’oh skrg dah jadi eksepmud kayanya dah gak koboy kayak dolo wakakaka…

  9. Rizqi says:

    Usulan Bram asyik juga tuh, Tiga SuperDollar yang jadi sponsor tunggal, kita tinggal Tut Wuri Handayani..TOP MARKOTOP !! Wekeke..

  10. Ferry ZK says:

    wah klo ide diatas seh se7 banget deh !! DOUBLE TOP MARKOTOP wakakaka…

  11. tomato raikkonen says:

    hihihi.. kalo soal tempat, ak seh setuju dmn aja, bahkan di Dieng sekalipun..(belum pernah sampe ke sana soalnya..) soal kapannya, tergantung para emir nun jauh disana.. ak bakal bantu arrange deh..

  12. Ferry ZK says:

    @ tomato,

    ho’oh di kontak dunk emir yang di UEA yang di kwait katanya dah se-7 tuh iya kan Rik ? 😛

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